Laura literally saved my life. Her skills and knowledge run deep, her integrity means that she researches and recommends the best holistic approach for each client upon each visit. She brings skill, knowledge and deep intuition to her practice with a healthy dose of good humor and an extraordinary amount of compassion. She's pretty much ruined it for all other naturopaths I've met since and whose services I've used. None can compare with the skill, knowledge and care I received from Dr. Rubiales.

Jeanette Pilak

As an acupuncturist myself, I have the highest standards and expectations in what I look for in my doctor. Dr. Rubiales has a gentle and healing touch and integrates Western and Chinese medicine in a unique way. She has experience and knowledge and takes the time to address all of your health concerns.

Julie Kahn ND LAc

When we first came to see Dr. Rubiales, my daughter Liz really felt there was little hope to feel better and nothing she could do to control her life and headaches. Jump ahead to the present and with no small thanks to Dr. Rubiales, she lives much more pain free, she is empowered to control her reaction to pain, and she is much more positive! Thank you does seem inadequate! We are thankful for Dr. Rubiales being such a blessing and role model in our lives.

Cindy V.

As a medical professional in the field of pediatrics for 18 years, I am very impressed with Dr. Rubiales' approach to children. Her easy and soft-spoken manner is a natural fit. Her knowledge of Homeopathy as well as her ability to blend it with mainstream medical therapies is excellent. I would highly recommend her as a Naturopathic Physician to anyone looking for alternative care for his or her child. I also feel she complements what traditional MD's and providers are practicing in medicine today. Her collegiality and professionalism is very reassuring to both parents and providers.

John A. Calcagno, MD Calcagno Pediatrics

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