Motor Vehicle Accident Injury

A motor vehicle accident injury can be an incredible disruption in day to day life. Possible pain from whiplash, headaches, or other sustained injuries can hamper one's productivity in work, school and daily life. Dr. Rubiales has experienced that the sooner these mild to moderate injuries are treated, the less possibility of long term consequences and the more structural imbalances can be prevented. Using acupuncture, homeopathy, nutritional counseling and craniosacral therapy, Dr. Rubiales collaborates with physicians of other specialties such as chiropractors, medical doctors , and osteopathic physicians to advocate for the patient's health and wellbeing.


As an acupuncturist myself, I have the highest standards and expectations in what I look for in my doctor. Dr. Rubiales has a gentle and healing touch and integrates Western and Chinese medicine in a unique way. She has experience and knowledge and takes the time to address all of your health concerns.

Julie Kahn ND LAc
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